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Practice Tests for MTELs

This link connects you with the Department of Education where you can access additional information about teaching examination and registration for the Exams. This webpage contains activities to practice doe the different areas of study. 

Learn Boost

All the software you need to manage your classroom and school. Save time and money with LearnBoost. Here you can find class and classroom administration resources to make your like more productive and easy. 


This page contains 11 Website were you an find audio Books completely free.  Here you can find books in a variety of topics that you can use in class with your students or read for yourself. 

Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Here you can find, lessons, materials, and training in a variety of subjects and levels. You can access this application for free and use this App in your computer and other electronic devices. 


ClassDojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. This ab application where you can integrate your classroom to a social media system in which parents, teachers and students can be connected. - Most Popular TED Talks‎

Here you are going to find Conferences or Talks about a diverse range of cultural, scientific and social topics with well known intellectuals from all over the world. 

Google Classroom

This is a Learning Management System created by Google and completely free. Here yo can have access to more personalized contact with your students and a forum where you can have a variety of resources for an online classroom. 


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. 

Legends of Learning

On this page you can find games, worksheets, and a variety of materials specialized for Math class and different levels of education. 

OER Commons

This is an open source for STEM Education where you can find Lessons, Modules creator, Libraries and a variety of materials dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education. 

Download movies for free. On this webpage you can find different titles that you can use as part of your classes. You do not need to buy anything in order to be able to access these movies.

Free audio books.  Here you can download audio books for free.  This can be helpful especially for students with special needs.  You also can volunteer to read books and be part of an international community of readers. 

Dictionary services.  World Reference offers dictionary services for several languages and also gives the meaning in different contexts in which words can be used.  This tool is very useful in languages classes. 

Free access to full text books.  With this tool you have access two thousands of tittles and this project is constantly growing.  These books are formatted for different readers platforms allowing you to access them through your computer, tablets or phones. 

Webpage where you can find free materials in all areas of study and levels.  You can also buy materials designed by teachers or create your own account where you can sell your own lessons. 

Free downloads for activity packages for the French language.  On this webpage you can find materials for different levels and themes to enhance your resources in class. 

Free activity packages in the Spanish language.  Here you can find worksheets and activities for different levels of Spanish.  You can find here free downloads that you can reproduce for your classes.

Free activity packages for ESL and DUAL Language classes.  Here you can find resources for all levels of ESL and DUAL languages classes and you can also download these materials for use in your classes. 

Open source activity packages for ESL programs.  Here you can find lesson plans and worksheets that you can use and recycle in class.  These materials are designed by teachers with real classroom experiences. 

Free access and downloads ESL activity packages.  Also you can find games and communicative activities to make your learning experience more fun and dynamic. 

Full text educational books.  Here you can find professional books with new educational suggestions and theories for all levels and subjects. 

United Nations open source educational resources.  Here you can enhance your vision about education with different international perspectives.  This can open the door for new cultural educational contexts and experiences that you can integrate as part of your teaching styles. 

Free access and downloads of educational materials.  Also you can find lesson plans and other material packages to enhance the resources you use in the classroom. 

Open teaching resources with videos, music, lesson plans and more.  You can download for free most of these materials and integrate them to your classes.  Here you can find games and activities for all levels and areas of study.

Reading materials with the most recent approaches  for educational theories.  Free downloads that you can integrate as part as your learning experience in class for different levels and areas of study. 

Find a variety of lesson resources in different areas of study and lesson plan.  Also you can find resources for students an enhance their learning experience. 

Teaching and student resources for STEM Programs.  This webpage is dedicated for STEM programs related to Science, Math, Technology and Engineering.  Here you can find a range of variety resources in those areas of study. 

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