Graduate & PD Courses

Educators Academy instructors are all native speakers with high credentials and excellent standards. Although our courses are usually organized on an eight week schedule, teachers may obtain an automatic extension catered to their needs within one year limit.  


Graduate Credits

  • Graduate Courses for degree completion, professional development, re-certification or salary advancement.

  • Courses taken for Colorado State University – Pueblo (CSU-Pueblo) earn graduate credits which can transfer to graduate degree program or count for the 12 credit option for professional licensure in Massachusetts.

  • Teachers will obtain 3 graduate credits and professional development points (67.5) upon completion of our graduate courses.


Professional Development Points for French and Spanish Teachers

Educators Academy is an approved Professional Development Provider by Massachusetts Department of Education for Secondary and Elementary (DESE).

  • Teachers can audit our graduate courses to obtain a certificate of completion for Professional Development Points only. The MA DESE will convert a 3 credit graduate course into 67.5 PDPs  (1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs)



  • 67.5 Professional Development Points - $299

  • 3 Fully Transferable Graduate credits / 67.5 PDPs - $599


2021 Spring Semester Course Registration   

Work at your own pace. Registration is open now until March 13.

2021 Summer Semester Course Registration   

Summer semester is May 15 to September 15. Work at your own pace. Registration for summer starts on May 1, 2021.

** Withdrawals and Refund Policy **

A student is entitled to a refund of tuition according to the following schedule:

  • Withdrawals received by end of the first week of course                                          Full Refund*

  • Withdrawals received in the second week of the course                                           50% Refund

  • Withdrawals received after the second week of the course                                      No Refund

​* If a student downloaded more than 30% of the class material, a full refund cannot be made.

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ED501 GAMING AND LEARNING in Second Language Acquisition for Secondary Teachers 5-12 (in English)

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Learning a new language can be a lot of work. Students have to make a great effort to repeat, to memorize, and to comprehend. Also, learners have to be able to use this new language in conversations and written formats. This effort sometimes is perceived by students as difficult, tedious and for some of them, boring. Games feel effortless, fun, and can engage students to keep their interest in learning. Games also help teachers to create a context in which languages occurs. This helps teachers to promote a language learning environment that is meaningful. This course aims to help teachers to create a second language classroom where learners experience language instead of studying it. As part of the course, we will study the structure and application in the class of table games, classroom games, video games, virtual reality, and mobile apps. This course is taught in English.

3 Graduate Credits ($599)

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