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Learning a new language can be a lot of work. Students have to make a great effort to repeat, to memorize, and to comprehend. Also, learners have to be able to use this new language in conversations and written formats. This effort sometimes is perceived by students as difficult, tedious and for some of them, boring. Games feel effortless, fun, and can engage students to keep their interest in learning. Games also help teachers to create a context in which languages occurs. This helps teachers to promote a language learning environment that is meaningful. This course aims to help teachers to create a second language classroom where learners experience language instead of studying it. As part of the course, we will study the structure and application in class of table games, classroom games, video games, virtual reality and mobile apps. (Instructor: Dr. Wanda I Ocasio-Rivera)


Non-Degree Graduate Credit: 3 Credits

Gaming & Learning in Second Language Acquisition

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