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In this course, one will learn Python’s core built-in types and concepts that are important to mastering the Python programming language. Anyone who is interested in learning the art of computer programming may take this class.No prior computer programming experience is required to enroll in this class.Teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will develop valuable programming skills, as well as learning effective methods to deliver important Python programming concepts to their students.Additionally, teachers will learn how to construct virtual toolboxes.Our class toolbox will be constructed from the practical problems presented in class.The toolbox concept illustrates, in concrete terms, many important ideas such as code-reuse, reliability, and rapid-development.This toolbox easily integrates into current and future teaching frameworks. Instructor, Andrew McGraw.

3 Graduate Credits

Fall 2018: Oct 15 – Dec 27

ED501 INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON for Secondary STEM Teachers 3 Graduate Credits Fall

$650.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
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